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  • 2018-07-22

My name is Mina Chang working as General Manager for Maes Corp., Ltd. We need to import some cheese for our market demand. I would like to inquire of you as follows. 1.  The yearly production quantity for each Natural Cheese manufactured by you 2.  Price quotes of each Natural Cheese for the yearly max production volume. (INTERCOM and Payment Terms to be stipulated) 3.   Weight of a block of each Natural Cheese. 4.   Advise me if you have exported Natural Cheese to South Korea. As my customer is dealing with a huge state-run cheese processor, I want to make sure how large quantity can be supported for a customer on a yearly basis. Based upon your input information, I and my customer will propose to the cheese processor and then go forward a further discussion with you. I hope this can be a good opportunity between you and me in the future. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. contact at : 82-108987-9789

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