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  • 2018-07-22

dear sir or madam we need to have monthly installments of milk powder. we need 200ton milk powder per month. do you have the capacity? how much would it cost per ton to Mersin port to Turkey? we send you our requirements . can you please check it and turn back to us as soon as possible. FEATURE ------------------------------------------ LIMITS (%) moisture Max. 3,5 fat Min. 26,0 Max. 27,0 proteins Min. 24,5 chlorides Min. 0,07 Max. 0,11 ashes Max. 5,9 Acidity (g ac.lactico/100g) Max. 1,35 fat free Max. 2,0 lactose Min. 34,0 Insolubility index (ml) Max. 0,5 Scorched particles Max. B-15n vitamin A Min. 960 (ug/100g) Min. 3200 (UI/100g) vitamin D3 Min. 8 (ug/100g) Min. 320 (UI/100g) all the best Deniz OZMEN Global Milk Products

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