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  • Louis S H Choi
  • 日本 日本
  • 23 Sep, 2023

Dear Sir/Madam,This is Louis S.H.Choi from Korea.I'm looking for products with the following specifications;1.Item & SPEC.: cotton span satin(4/1)CM40'S x (CM40'S/PU40D or CM30'S/PU40D)/144x78 width: 77/78" on-loom(it will be 52/54" after dyed finishing) in-grey, Gr/SQM and up, tuck-in selvage & Lino selvage dye-able quality superior top "A" grade 1)Q'TY: 20FX 1FCL ( yds) 2)Price & delivery : (1)LINO: US$______/YD CNF Pusan, Korea & _____DAYS (2)TUCKIN : US$______/YD CNF Pusan, Korea & _____DAYS 3)Packing : (1)_______YDS/BALE (2)Ratio of piece length :________YDS ______%, _______YDS_______% (3)Net weight of fabric: _____GR/L'YD(________GR/SQM) 4)Ratio of color contamiation yarn( including white and black different yarn)/per 100yds :如果你有灰色织物相似的规范,你可以建议报价。等待您的美好报价。路易斯,s.h.choi /贤胜(中国)Inc.HYUNSEUNG(中国)inc.mobile:(86)185-5046-0086 / 186-6215-0086room 1221,中源乡商业大厦,19,dongwubei路,吴中区,苏州市,江苏省,中国(邮政编码:215128)手机:(86)186-6215-0086wechat ID:cuixinghaolouis *仓库;(豪威仓库,昌九纺织园)金士力南路,盛泽镇,吴江区,苏州市,江苏,中国

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