寻找3D标签,贴纸,蓬松贴纸,环氧贴纸,定制板。 引用现在

  • AD Amlas
  • 日本 日本
  • 2018-08-14

Dear Sir/Madam,Greeting,We are seeking suppliers for customized Puffy stickers, 3D stickers, tags, or boards.Requirements:-1-SIZE:  -The size of the sheet is A3 (changing the sheet size is possible to fit the factory   printing size)  - The sizes of the shapes depending on the real size in the A3 sheet size2- No need for the sticky( gluey ) layer under the sticker.3- Cut on the edge of the design.4- we have 6 A3 sheets and we want a 100 piece of each sheet so in total it will be 600 A3 sheets. Seeking the following information:· -Sample availability.· -FOB pricing.· -Manufacturing lead time.Looking forward to hearing from you.


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