寻找LED闪光灯 引用现在

  • Andy Han
  • 新加坡 新加坡
  • 2018-03-21

Dear Madam.Please kindly quote me as per following FOB Shanghai:I'm looking for 'Normal and Ex-proof Torch Light' for Ship useRange from: Battery UM1 x 2 to UM1 x 6 and UM3 x 2 to UM3 x 3 and rechargeable type.792201  FLASHLIGHT REGULAR (6 X UM-1)                   PC792202  FLASHLIGHT REGULAR (4 X UM-1)                   PC792203  FLASHLIGHT ADJUSTABLE (4 X UM-1)              PC792204  FLASHLIGHT WATER-TIGHT SPARKLESS (6 X UM-1)(EX)                      PC792210  FLASHLIGHT LED INDUSTRIAL 2618 (2 X UM-1)             PC792212  FLASHLIGHT INDUSTRIAL (2 X UM-1)                PC792213  FLASHLIGHT INDUSTRIAL (3 X UM-1)                PC792216  FLASHLIGHT #2217 2CELL                    PC792217  FLASHLIGHT #2224 3CELL                    PC792219  FLASHLIGHT BRIGHT STAR #2317C                  PC792229  FLASHLIGHT LED RECHARGEABLE 2200MAH              PC792235  FLASHLIGHT LED #2217 2CELL                         PC792236  FLASHLIGHT LED #2224 3CELL                         PC792237  FLASHLIGHT LED #2217 2CELL (EX)                 PC792238  FLASHLIGHT LED #2224 3CELL (EX)                 PC792240  LANTERN SAFETY NO.2206 6V (SAFETY APPROVED)              PC792241  LANTERN SAFETY NO.2206 6V (LED)               PC792242  LANTERN SAFETY #2208 ADJUSTABLE PIVOT HEAD               PC792245  FLASHLIGHT RECHARGEABLE 100V                PC792246  RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHTS 220V              PC792247  FLASHLIGHT RECHARGEABLE 100V 1.5W                    PC792248  FLASHLIGHT RECHARGEABLE 100V 3.0W                    PC792281  LED FLASHLIGHT (2 X UM-3)                PC792282  LED FLASHLIGHT (3 X UM-3)                PC792283  LED FLASHLIGHT (2 X UM-1)                PC792284  LED FLASHLIGHT (4 X UM-1)                PCplease contact me if you are selling of those product


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